Tips for Your Business

According to ENERGY STAR: "The average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes."

Furthermore, up to 10 percent of overall energy use can often be curbed with little-to-no-cost changes. This means energy efficiency upgrades can yield a high return-on-investment for business owners, in addition to helping California save energy.

Whether you manage a business, an organization, or an institutional building like a library, school or government office, the guidelines below can help you save energy and money.


Demand Response Programs

Demand Response Programs typically provide incentives and other benefits to business owners who can reduce/curtail their facility's energy use during times of peak demand. Find a program in your area.

Energy Management Plan

Developing an energy management plan for your business will help ensure savings far into the future. Use the following steps as a guideline:

  • Benchmark your facility: Benchmarking is an easy tool to quickly assess how energy-efficient your properties and facilities are, and to help identify options to reduce costs and protect asset values. To get started today, register an account with ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager, and take a look at their Benchmarking Starter Kit.
  • Begin an energy management program.
  • Implement your energy plan by adopting energy saving practices, and upgrading to energy efficient equipment.
  • Measure results: Measurement and verification efforts validate and improve predictions of system efficiencies and energy use and cost, in addition to providing management and investors the information they need.

Tips, Rebates, and Incentives

If you haven't already, take a quick look at your utility's energy efficiency page(s). Many utilities offer rebates and programs to help you save, as well as tips by business type.

  • Look for rebates and incentives from PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.
  • Find energy saving tips by business type from both SCE and SDG&E.
  • View examples of other businesses who have had success on PG&E's Tips & How-To's page. (Just scroll down to "Learn How Other Businesses Have Saved.")